I can help you who have acute or chronic dysfunctions from the musculoskeletal system like pain or mobility disorders from muscle, nerve, spine or joints.  If you have acute problems I can many time help you within 48 hours. 

Many of my patients come to me as primarily health care practitionerwithout any visit to a physician. No referral is needed.

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Diagnosis that I could help you with are among others:
– Work related overuse injuries
– Sports injuries
– Orthopaedic medicine disorderds
– Headache
– Sciatica and nerve pain
– Contractured muscles and connective tissue
– Muscle tension
– Trigger points
– Vertigo
– Whiplash
– Backache
– Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
– Neck pain
– Nerve entrapment or compression
– Joint pain
– Fibromyalgia