Here you can read about the various myths and false allegations in manual therapy and exercise. The aim is not to “hang out” any individual therapist or person but to make you aware of everything you read or hear need not be true even if it comes from a trained therapist or counselor. I myself as a therapist who uses manual therapy that uses the following methods of treatment but you have to be self-critical.

“If you recieve acute neck pain or lumbago, youmust seek help quickly for treatment”
It can be given useful to immediate authorization from the back or neck to be examined  but far from all the permits needed treatment. Important to remember is that the natural progression for the most favorable and most neck freezing and lumbago moving within a week or two, even without treatment.  Thus, it is rarely defensible to have several treatments at frequent intervals. Individual manual therapy of mobilization, manipulation, massage or neuromuscular techniques but also advice can be valuable. Manual medical treatment tends to relieve pain and improve mobility. In many cases, one or a few treatments, the disorder will be restored. Unfortunately this frightens patients to the imperative of treatment early, but it is not wrong to wait a few days. Contact the healthcare practitioner you planned to visit for a discussion first. Assessment is very important to assess and determine which treatment to be applied.  All neck or back pain cannot be treated  with for example, manipulation or massage. Often we hear that patients are fully recovered after treatment and it happens even after visits with me.  Unfortunately there are cases where patients receive wrong treatment mostly with manipulation which could worsen the disorders. A careful examination and individual treatment is essential to minimize the risk of medical errors.  Remember that advice on ergonomics and physiotherapeutical exercises can provide the same effect as a manual medical treatment.

“All people should go to a therapist such as osteopath or chiropractor with some regularity. You do service on your car, go on the annual dental check, but often forget remove the rest of the body, it will only work, and that makes it too amazing good although we are not always so nice to it. It is important to have good mobility in the spine and a well-functioning nervous system, this provides a good health. “
This erroneous claim can be many read about and hear from different therapists in manual medicine with varied professional backgrounds. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that the assessment an treatment i as a preventive measure of muscles, joints or nerves in any way promotes good health. It is one thing to seek help early for minor inconvenience, but to compare dental inspection and servicing of the car is designed only to trick you to seek care even though you do not have any problems.  Invest your money in exercise regularly, eat healthy because there is scientific evidence that this can prevent illness.  Charlotte Leboe EDF Yde and Lise Hestbæk literature review of 13 different studies on the preventive efficacy of chiropractic could not prove that the treatment of so-called maintenance order was effective *.

* L eboeuf-Yde C, Hestbæk L.Maintenance care in chiropractic – what do we know? * L eboeuf-Yde C, Hestbæk L.Maintenance care in Chiropractic – what do we know? Chiropractic & Osteopathy2008;16:3 doi:10.1186/1746-1340 Chiropractic & Osteopathy2008, 16: 3 doi: 10.1186/1746-1340

“You have blockage of the spine which can only be treated with manipulation.”
This argument most often mentioned by the therapists who are trained in these treatment approaches, but the fact is that there are a number of other therapies that are at least equally effective.  Sometimes manipulation is needed, but in many cases, other specific treatment techniques used with the same results. Two therapists with the same training can have widely different views on the same diagnosis.  Be skeptical of the therapists in their treatment is the only correct.  There is not always a truth about the cause of your problems. Unfortunately, many diagnoses have more or less identical symptoms which makes it difficult to determine what is the original problem. A key priority for all manual therapy including manipulation is that you as a patient learn to prevent that thr disorder does not occur again. This require thus that your therapist give you advice on specific training to prevent relapse.


“Patients are more satisfied with some therapists proving that their treatments are better”
This is a claim that one can read about or hear from different therapists who want to emphasize that their treatments are most effective.  In science methodology has “Confounding”, which in everyday speech can be translated to “compare apples and oranges.” It is an unconscious mixture of a number of factors and the impact they have. M.One must be careful to not to confuse the evaluation of treatment with the evaluation of the actual treatments.. Because the majority of active therapists with different treatment approaches can produce a variety of satisfied patients but that does not mean automatically that they use the treatments are evidence based. 

“As a therapist, I have a holistic approach and therefore I treat the whole person and not just the disease or injury.”
Many therapists want in their marketing maintain that they are working with holistic and holistic. All therapists who work seriously should have the interests of the patient-centered and therefore can not say that any therapist or professional group is working with more global perspective than any other. Often a philosophy is based around the holistic perspective is based on the therapist’s own training. It is also a bit bizarre when some therapists with just a few weeks of training would claim that they have more holistic approach than a physician  with several years of training. The therapist should also searching for your safety make a thorough investigation and only treat you if there are indications of this. You should not accept repeated treatments with questionable results.

“Massage should be done after the manipulation technique sotherwise the muscles pull vertebrae wrong again”
It tends naturally that masseurs will claim this and massage may well be indicated if there are tensions but there is no rule that manipulation techniques should be combined with massage. The treatment that is required depends on what has happened. If the main reason for the reduced mobility (there is no question of malepositioning) between the vertebrae are muskulärt can muscle treatment techniques including massage be helpful.  Other treatment techniques can be stretching and neuromuscular relaxation techniques.