All treatments that I make is individually adapted. Consideration is given to your medical conditions or health status, and how you react to my examination of you. I am trained in and also teaches students of massage therapists which means that I keep myself updated about massage and other manual therapies.

When I use the massage techniques they are primarily taken from my  massage therapist training on current Hälsoteket in Malmö, but I also some other courses in manual therapy that I have gone as graduated  physiotherapist.

How do I use massage in my treatments?

When I massage, I use Swedish massage (also known as classical massage) but usually occurs in combination with other therapies. I do not use a standardized protocol. Generally I massage with lighter techniques first to gradually move on to deeper techniques.

The treatment that I give means that there will be a relaxation effect compared with that obtained by a full body massage but also a more specific effect on reducing pain, stiffness and tension. Massage I use in the early stages of trouble but also as part of the rehabilitation of  more complex problems or injuries.

Massage therapy can be done individually or in combination with other rehabilitation methods which may be appropriate for patients with acute but also long-term condition.

How you react to my massage, however, individually and therefore adapted methods for each individual situation. This may involve changing techniques, deepness, speed or supplement with other manual therapies.

Swedish massage is a manual therapy
Swedish massage is a manual therapy

Can you get a full body massage?
No, it is not possible to get a full body massage with me. The massage that I perform at my clinic in Malmö is individualized and integrates with other manual therapies to get a more specific effect. A full body massage that could take up to one and half hours actually refers only to achieve a general relaxation. The treatment that I perform is focused on the regions you have trouble so that a more effective and specific relaxation can occur. The effect of the specific massage in combination with other manual techniques is more advantages to reduce various symptoms such as pain and stiffness.

More about my massage
I use an electric height adjustable table, which makes me as a therapist / caregiver can always have optimum working position. You as a patient can lie with your back in a neutral position when the bench has adjustable face support. Pillows of various kinds can if necessary be placed so you are more comfortable. For pregnant women, I have a custom cushion do you like pregnant also can lie on your stomach in a later stage of pregnancy.

Lotion or oil used to reduce friction in the massage techniques but some massage techniques and manual techniques are performed without any lotion oil to get better contact with in the muscles or fascia.
If during treatment experience something unpleasant, you should of course tell me. All manual therapy based on the interaction between you, the patient, and with me as a healthcare practitioner .
After treatment, different reactions occur in addition to the more relaxed and pain sensation. Some may feel tired, a few may feel a little sore in some regions while others feel  or thirsty.

Are there situations where it is negative with massage?
Yes, there is and why it is necessary to find out the underlying reason why muscles become tense. Sometimes the muscle tensions are only a secondary reaction and would just massage given effect can at best be short-term but also in some cases, unsuitable. In health and medicine speaks in such cases if contraindications for an action. Thus, it is rarely possible to the patient to determine if the voltage is primary and can be treated with various relaxation techniques such as massage. If massage is not appropriate to perform, it is sometimes necessary to use other manual therapeutic techniques or to emphasize self-care with various rehabilitation exercises.

There are a number of diseases and injuries where manual therapy including massage directly is dangerous to perform. Similarly, there are some drugs that can be a contra indication when the pressure and strain of the muscles occurs during the massage. A conversation where you get to tell you about your symptoms and health status (history) is important before any treatment begins.

What to consider when you are going to get treatment
Be on time and do not rush. It goes without saying that the purpose of the treatment is to reduce tension and make you feel more relaxed will interact  if you are stressed.

Information on which drugs, diseases or injuries you have. But the information also about how you feel in general. In some situations may have no treatment at all is suitable.

Tell me how it feels during and even at revisiting of how it experienced since the previous visit. All manual therapy is effective both instantaneous but for a time after the treatment.

After treatment, you should get up slowly. There are a few people who may feel a bit dizzy and unsteady whose symptoms disappear within a few seconds.

After massage therapy, you should feel more relaxed and have less pain. Depending on what other methods also been put in treatment may also movement disorders and various different symptoms reduced. Please note that there will be as patient experiencing some soreness and pain in the areas that have been treated. This is mostly natural, and these symptoms disappear within a day or two.

Do not be afraid to ask me if you have questions during or after treatment.

How often should I get massage?
The answer to this question depends on how much trouble you have and how long you’ve been walking around with your tension and pain. My goal is to actually treat as few times as possible and get the optimal effect. Many of my patients come once they have some major problems with muscle tension, stiffness or pain while others opt to visit me even when they have less trouble.

David Aston