Sports massage

Actually, sports massage is nothing but a form of Swedish massage performed on an athlete or exerciser. In consideration should be that it is questionable to what extent massage can affect anything other than the general relaxation, and specific relaxation of the muscles. Whether you talk about sports massage or massage is not from an evidence-based perspective clearly been proven to reduce muscle soreness, improve recovery and increase performance. When sports massage therapists claim that their treatment has such an effect, it is not something that is scientifically established. Some studies have shown some effectiveness in some sports while many studies have foiled the theories masseurs had and unfortunately still have.

Sports Massage Therapists also work with strains in treatment. It is not uncommon for sports masseur also helps with physical training and rehabilitation. It is this knowledge in sports medicine that is important.


When do I use sports massage?

Sports massage that I perform can be an integral part of the manual treatment I perform regardless if you are a sports or not. I dispose patients who are active at different levels in various sports. It may be the amateur level to elite sport. I have an academic training in sports medicine, which is a necessary under topic to determine which sports-related injuries and disorders to be treated with manual techniques. Advice on Sport trouble and if any manual therapy is appropriate requires that I have assessed your injury / condition. My background in gymbranschen also means that I can give valuable tips on training schedules not only for those who are active or if you have trouble, but also you are not physically active.

The rehabilitation of sports-related complaints have sports massage for the most part completed by rehabilitation training but also other manual therapies.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a discussion if you are not sure if sports massage or manual therapy is at all necessary for you. It can concretely about you might as well wait to processing other than sports massage may be more advisable in your case.

 What is deep tissue massage?

Deep Massage is relatively new term coined by therapists and sports massage therapists in order to highlight a distinct difference from the relaxing massage. In English, called deep massage to deep tissue massage. The Swedish massage can be used with lighter massage techniques for general relaxation, but the Swedish massage can also be used with more deep acting grips for specific treatment. The concepts of deep massage and sports massage thus becomes really difficult to distinctly separated from “normal” massage.

Unfortunately, there are currently extremes where patients would need more specific massage but may only relaxation therapy and also where patients are plagued with extremely rough and painful massage unnecessarily.

Massage and it also applies to any other form of manual medical treatment can at most make up “good hurt.” Getting treatment as it hurts too much or lead to bruises can not be justified from a physiological perspective.