I use manual therapy only for dysfunction and pain that comes from the locomotive system (joints, spine, muscles and nerves). Follow the links to the left to read more about massage, mobilization, manipulation, neuromuscular technique and stretching.

manual medicine
Manual physical therapy

Massage which has many positive effects on tension.The treatment methods I use are evidence based and are done in a safe way. Every patient has a unique problem even if the symptoms can be similar between different patients. A specific and thoroughly examination is necessary for the correct diagnosis before a treatment can begin.

I am qualified in the following treatment’s methods:

  • Stretching of tight muscles to restore normal range of motion.
  • Mobilization and manipulation with safe techniques to normalize the mobility of the joint and nerves.
  • Neuromuscular techniques to reduce tensions in muscles and normalize dysfunction in the nervous system.
  • Traction is a technique where I in a safe way decompress the joints which will be beneficial for relieving pain and also increase range of motion.