How fast can I get a time for examination and treatment?
I am convinced of the importance that you quickly to get help at the emergency appeal, like in a few days and sometimes even within 24 hours. However, I cannot guarantee that I always have the opportunity to receive fast and can depend on if I’m busy with teaching or training myself. If you do not have any acute disorders the waiting can be up to a week or two.  In some cases, counseling by phone and mail can also take place.  How quick you can get a time is a bit depending on how flexible you are with the times. I do not have a “drop in” hence all visits must be booked in advance.

How long does a visit?
The first visit which also includes a thorough examination can take up to an hour and this also includes treatment..Subsequent treatments will take about 40 minutes.

What is the cost of a visit?
The price per visit is 200 SEK if you are entitled to Swedish health care. Otherwise the fee is700 SEK. Payment is done with card or swish.

How do I book a time?
Bookings can be made by calling me on my cell phone 0705-931557 (outside Sweden 0046 705 931557) or by sending me an e-mail to contact@davidaston.se.   Overlook the fact that I do not answer my phone when I have patients or ej when I am involved in tutition. If I do not answer my cell phone, you can leave a message so I will return as soon as possible.

Some patients who have been to me earlier also make appointments via SMS.  New patients recommended to contact me by e-mail or telephone so that a discussion can take place only on what help you need.  It may be that there is obviously an injury or a condition which should not be disposed of me.

Is there anything I should think about for the first visit?
If you have a medical X-ray done regarding you can bring the radiologists diagnosis  with you. If you are under medication then you can included a list of which medicine you take.  If you have recently been operated on, you should inform me of any restrictions the surgeon may have given you.

Remember, if you have an active infection in the body such as fever, an upper respiratory infection or even a cold, it’s not appropriate to manual therapy.  You should in these cases, contact me for a discussion if we are to reschedule your time.

What can I do if I suffered from an acute lumbago or wry neck ?
You are of course welcome to contact me for a discussion and if necessary a time can be booked in for a thorough assessment and treatment or counseling. A lot of low back  and neck disorders can be treated with manual therapy but it is important to first rule out there is some form of contra-indication for manual processing.

How many treatments do I need to come up with?
It is obviously difficult to determine how many treatments are needed to be relieved  but within 2-4 times to positive results happen for it to be worth continuing.  Many of my patients, however, is particularly true in acute symptoms, get better within one or two treatments. More treatments usually occurs if there is more long-standing problem you are looking for.  I do not believe in treating at too many occasions, and pretty soon you get advice on specific hemövningar can be done to help with just your inconvenience. Vanligtvis brukar en behandlingsserie bestå av 2-7 behandlingar. Mitt främsta mål är nöjda och självständiga patienter. Usually a treatment series consist of 2-7 treatments. My main goal is happy and independent patients. Mottot är tydliga resultat och korta behandlingsserier. The motto is clear results and short treatment series. Syftet är att du ska inte behöva bli beroende av din terapeut för att klara vardagen. The aim is that you should not need to be dependent on your therapist to cope with everyday life.

Many physiotherapists and chiropractors do not give a massage. Will I receive a massage when I come to you?
Unfortunately, many of the book above caregivers in patients on treatment that lasts all of 10 minutes up to its height half an hour. It will then be understandble that there is not much time to massage, or can it also be that the care is not trained or skilled in massage.  I am both a physiotherapist and massageterapeut that after a careful study tries to combine different manual medical treatments and massage included in most cases (there are medical conditions that should not be treated with massage). I dedicate about 40 minutes of treatment, which gives plenty of room for the massage. En hel del av mina patienter får nästan uteslutande massage i he la behandlingen. A lot of my patients are almost exclusively in the massage he la treatment.

Earlier when I went to the physiotherapist, I was only instructed to exercise or received acupuncture, but never any manual therapy. What will happen when I visit you?
Physiotherapists are not a homogeneous group, where everyone would use the same therapeutically interventions. Physiotherapy is now roughly divided into two camps where many physiotherapists do not carry out any manual therapeutically techniques such as massage, while others have at least the same skills as chiropractors or osteopaths. I myself do not even work with electro-therapy or acupuncture, but gives advice in training and ergonomics. I work with manual therapy and manual medical techniques like massage, mobilization, manipulation neuromuscular methods and strain andI myself do not even work with electro-therapy or acupuncture, but I give advice in training and ergonomics. I work predominatly with manual therapy and manual medical techniques like massage, mobilization, manipulation neuromuscular methods and strain and counterstrain.

Do I not go to a chiropractor and get adjusted if I have problems with my back or neck?
I also use me of manipulative and adjustment techniques in those cases where it is necessary for you as a patient.  Unfortunately, it was a misunderstanding of the public and even medical personnel who believe that only chiropractors may perform manipulation or adjustments.  Physiotherapists as I focused on orthopedic medicine and manual therapy mastered these treatments. The treatment of me tends to be longer and includes muscle treatment with massage, neuromuscular techniques and stretching. Another difference between me and a chiropractor in general is that I as a physiotherapist do not see as an end in itself that all patients must be treated with manipulation or adjustments always. No treatment therapy is a panacea for all problems.  There are many occasions where other manual therapy techniques and also advice on self management is more efficient.

Will the treatment hurt?
It is an individual painless treatment that I do. DIt is a common misconception, even among masseurs and other therapists that pain should be painfully treated. A painful treatment is stunned at the moment the pain but does not lead to any lasting effect. The risk of the painful treatment is also an increased muscle tension. After a treatment with different specific manual medical techniques (such as massage, mobilization, manipulation and strain) you feel that you are more relaxed, more mobile, less tense and have less pain.  The perception may be partly compared with a relaxing massage, but with more concrete and long-lasting results.. A certain tenderness in the area to be covered may sometimes appear before them but the soreness disappears in a day or so.

My treatments are not fanatically focused on manual medicine should be used instead of the conservative school medicine such as medications or surgery. The treatment is not an alternative or complement to school medicine but is a part of integrative medicine.