How do I make an appointment?
Appointments can be made by calling me on my cell phone + 46 705 931557 or by sending me an email to . Please oversee that I do not answer my phone when I have patients or involved in tuition. If I do not answer my phone, please leave a message and will return to you as soon as possible.

Some patients who have been with me earlier book also make appointments with SMS text messages  New patients, however should contact me by email or telephone so that a discussion can take place regarding what help you need. It could be that there is obviously an injury or condition that should not be managed by me but should be referred to a physician.

How quickly can I get some time for examination and treatment?
Sometimes I can have availble within a couple of days. However I can not assure you that I always have the opportunity to make an appointment fast. This may depend on whether I am busy with teaching or if I am enrolled in any continuing education myself. If you do not have any acute symptoms can sometimes wait up to a week or two. In some cases, counselling by phone and e-mails also can occur.

How fast you can get an appointment is depending a bit on how flexible you are with the times. I do not have a “drop in” which means that all visits must be booked in advance.

How much does a visit cost?
The price per visits is 700 SEK if you are not a Swedish or EU-Citizen. Payments is with with credit card or Swish. Any charge for the transaction from your bank you have pay for.

I work as a physiotherapist in private practice and I have a contract with the county council and I am publicly funded so if you are a Swedish Citizen or Citizen of an EU-country the fee is 200 SEK. You need a valid identification and if you are non Swedish citizen but a citizen in an EU-country you need European Health Insurance Card.

Deduction and billing for companies
Billing via email after the agreement can be made to the company. Billing fee to companies is SEK 25. A credit check will be made alternatively, the payment must be done before treatment. Of course you’re welcome to pay cash when a receipt will be given.

Keep in mind that my actions are deductible for the company when it counted to occupational health and vocational rehabilitation as they are intended to enable you to continue your work. The reason for this deduction is that I am active as a private practice physical therapist without public funding.

The fee are without VAT when it counted to medical care performed by a healthcare provider with a licence.

If you have any private health insurance so this usually cover the cost of rehabilitation, even with me in the context of what is stipulated. Payment is however to me in cash or by invoice, and you may subsequently account for your expenses to the insurance company. Contact your insurance company about what procedures will apply. If necessary I can send the record copy to the insurance company.

How do I do if I am already listed on a health centre or a private clinic?
There is a free choise for rehabilitation and physical therapy in Scania (Skåne), which means that you as a patient can seek me as independent physical therapist without any referral. Hälsoval in Skåne (called Vårdval the rest of Sweden) with aims  of listing patients to county-run or private health clinics to since each patient who is listed gives tax-funded grants to the clinic (even if you do not visit the clinic).

Of course, like the clinic where you are not listed on that you are looking for any other medical centre, accredited medical clinic or physical therapist with the establishment when in such cases, “losing” you in their list and lose the tax-funded subsidies, alternatively, they become liable to pay visits to the physiotherapist who has a contract till the county.