Rehabilitation and habilitation is the generic term for interventions that will help the patient to regain optimal functional capacity and conditions for a life with good quality of life. Manual medical treatment may be an important piece of many complaints from the muscles, joints and nerves, which you can read more about the link treatment where it is found manual methods that I use.
All complaints from the musculoskeletal system cannot be treated as manual medical techniques and can potentially lead to the greater ownership in the form of specific physiotherapy rehabilitation training to improve strength, stability, coordination and mobility. I give advice on what and how to train but also what you should be cautious.

Advice in the rehabilitation exercise is carried out in accordance evidence-based principles of physiotherapy. If there are guidelines from SBU (National Council on Technology Assessment) or Cochrane so, I wanted to follow them. Both the Swedish SBU as the English Cochrane makes compilations, known as systematic reviews, the research in various medical fields.

Every patient has unique problems, even if symptoms between patients sometimes resemble each other. A careful examination is necessary to diagnose the cause of the problem before starting treatment.